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Disposable pe glove factory location

Jacky Chan, Jan 29, 2020
disposable vinyl glove factory location

Two Chinese main manufacturing base are located in Linyi City and Zhangjiagang City. 80% disposable pe glove are exported from these places.In Linyi City, there are also some manufacturers of pe film that is raw material for pe gloves.

Pe film can be used in many other industries and agriculture. Some local pe glove factories use recycled pe film to make disposable pe gloves in order to competition in the market. How to distinguish recycled pe glove? You can check its color and tensible strength. Color is dark and strength is low. That kind of pe glove is 100% used recycled pe film.

In Zhangjiagang City, there are a lot of small pe glove factories. Now, some bosses also use recycled pe film to make gloves. If you have no good friend to introduce, you will get bad quality of disposable pe gloves. In all, 80% local disposable pe glove factories are only doing foreign trade business, so their quality is better than in Linyi city.

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