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How to choose disposable pe glove

Jacky Chan, Jun 10, 2020
disposable pe glove

The main component of PE gloves is polyethylene. Its variety are LDPE,HDPE,CPE,TPE.
Both are resistant to high temperatures and are white transparent disposable gloves. CPE gloves are more flexible than PE gloves.
Nowadays, the most used food gloves on the market are PE gloves, which are light in weight and low in price. It is recommended to choose disposable PE gloves as edible gloves. Disposable sanitary gloves for several purposes:
1, food processing.
2, kitchen cooking.
3, medical care.
4, housework is clean.
5, hair salon hair dyed oyster sauce.
6, eat barbecue and bones.
7, the restaurant canteen eat and eat.
8, hotel catering.
9, family cleaning, tourist dinner.
10, beauty salons, medical chemical inspection.
11,Industrial and agricultural work and protection, scientific research, and electronics industry.

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