Malaysia's Smart Glove hit with U.S. import ban over labor issues

Jacky Chan, Nov.07, 2021
disposable glove

SINGAPORE -- American customs authorities have blocked imports of disposable gloves made by Malaysia's Smart Glove in their latest action against the Southeast Asian nation's glove business over alleged worker abuses....

Chinese ration electricity will increase disposable glove price

Jacky Chan, Oct 10, 2021
disposable glove manufacturers

Several Chinese provinces have imposed electricity rationing to critical sectors in recent weeks due to efforts to conserve fuel stocks ahead of the critical winter heating season, high coal and gas prices limiting generation capacity, and tighter energy consumption targets towards the end of the year....

4 benefits of disposable gloves in healthcare

Jacky Chan, Sep 25, 2021
disposable nitrile glove

Did you know that your conventional disposable latex gloves were invented in 1889? These revolutionary gloves were invented by William Stewart Halsted, the first chief of surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital. The fact is that working in the healthcare industry means that you’re exposed to various elements throughout your day. Therefore, the primary concern for healthcare employees is avoiding cross-contamination of any sort....

What is current shipping market situation?

Jacky Chan, Sep 10, 2021
the shipping container

All shipping routes are increasing freight even Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea.. Now vessel delays a lot than before...

Vitrile disposable gloves are more popular than vinyl disposable gloves

Jacky Chan, Aug 15, 2021
disposable vitrile glove

Vitrile disposable glove is made from unique blend of Vinyl & Nitrile gloves. It also protects against common household chemical products like nitrile glove and solvents which makes them perfect for food preparation, auto care, hair coloring like vinyl glove....

Disposable Gloves Market will grow with CAGR 16.1% from 2019 to 2026

Jacky Chan, Jun.06, 2021
disposable glove market

The Disposable Gloves market was estimated at 7.0 billion US$ in 2019 and is probable to grasp 19.9 billion US$ by 2026, at a CAGR of 16.1% throughout 2019-2026...

How much money can build a glove factory?

Jacky Chan, Jan 24, 2021
disposable glove factory

At the end of 2019, COVID-19 outbreak at Wuhan in China. Most of Chinese cities are closed as more and more coronavirus cases happened in Wuhan city...

Should You Be Wearing Disposable Gloves During COVID-19?

Jacky Chan, Jan 01, 2021
disposable vinyl glove against coronavirus

If you’re getting tired of the constant handwashing (and maybe even dealing with dry skin from all that soap and hot water) to protect yourself from the coronavirus...

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