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Disposable glove Chinese market price recovered normal

Jacky Chan, May.25, 2022
disposable glove price

The global players have implemented various inorganic developments that led to dynamic improvements in the market. Several companies are implementing organic strategies such as products launch and expansions. Inorganic growth strategies witnessed in the market were partnerships and collaborations. These growth strategies have aided the market players in expanding their businesses and enhancing their geographical presence. Additionally, growth strategies such as acquisitions and partnerships help the companies strengthen their customer base and increase the product portfolio.
In September 2020, SempermedUSA introduces gripstrong poly general purpose disposable gloves. GripStrong Poly powder-free gloves offer a spacious, loose fit and are recommended for non-invasive, short-term tasks. They are manufactured with high density polyethylene and meet FDA requirements for food handling.
In May-2020, The company is planning to expand its capacity for production of disposable nitrile gloves in order to fulfill increasing demand from consumers. Build up area of current factory is expected to increase to 110,000 sq. ft. and five additional double former lines will be installed for production. In next 3 years company is expected to raise production of disposable nitrile gloves up to 5 billion pieces by year 2023.
Base on more investment on disposable glove, global importing market price is recovering the price before 2019. For example,vinyl glove is USD13-14/1000pcs, nitrile glove is USD18-20/1000pcs.Some American investors open new disposable glove plants in USA. So Chinese exporters and others have to reduce their price to get new orders.You know american market is largest glove consumption in the world. If they import less and less gloves, I think there will be more and more factories and exporters will go bankrupt.
In 2019, COVID-19 started to expand in the world, glove market price achieved summit, vinyl glove is USD55/1000pcs and nitrile glove is USD80/1000pcs. The glove making line is like money printer. I have never meet this best situation in history.
At present, it's hard to export disposable glove for them. New production lines are dusty and old lines are stopped.Though market price recovered normal, glove demand is changed.I predict the glove business will be bad during next decade.

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